Outgoing Golden Retriever Puppy Makes Sure Mom Knows When He’s Hungry

One adorable golden retriever puppy appears to have discovered the key to maintaining strong relationships: effective communication. This clever pup, named Maverick, has developed a unique method of expressing his hunger to his mom. With a playful and not-so-subtle approach, Maverick’s owner captured a hilarious video showcasing his communication skills.

In the video, Maverick took his empty bowl to his mom and began sniffing around it, as if to show that there was no food left. Eventually, the adorable golden retriever looked up at his owner with the most irresistible puppy eyes.

In the heartwarming video clip, the pet mom joyfully shared that their puppy cleverly brings them his bowl whenever he wants a refill.

People on the internet adored the clever way this puppy approached the situation.

One user jokingly remarked that he is training you.

Another person commented that golden retrievers are extremely intelligent.

Some individuals also mentioned that their dogs exhibited similar behavior when they were feeling hungry!

A pet owner shared an interesting anecdote about one of their cocker spaniels. According to them, the dog has a peculiar habit of bringing something, presumably a toy or object, into the middle of the room and dropping it there.

In addition to Maverick, there is another furry member in the household who knows how to express his needs. Meet Titan, the husky older brother of Maverick. Recently, their mom captured a hilarious video of Titan communicating with the little pup. When Maverick wouldn’t stop nipping at him during playtime, Titan cleverly used his size and weight advantage to gently hold him down, letting Maverick know that he didn’t want to play anymore. It’s amazing to see how these two dogs communicate with each other in their own unique ways.

Fortunately, Titan released his brother promptly after receiving a scolding from Mom. Hopefully, the mischievous golden retriever puppy learned his lesson and sought out another playmate.

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