OSHP intensifies efforts to curb reckless driving during July 4th holiday weekend with zero tolerance policy

Law enforcement at the local and state levels are increasing patrols for the extended 4th of July holiday weekend in Cleveland.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has recently declared a strict zero-tolerance approach towards drivers who are impaired, speeding, or driving aggressively.

According to a spokesperson, OSHP will have a strong presence and will be actively targeting reckless drivers, utilizing both aerial and ground surveillance from July 3rd to July 7th until 11:59 p.m. This crackdown aims to ensure the safety of all drivers on the road.

As Clarice Edwards and her family were driving through Ohio from Omaha, they noticed a significant number of officers, particularly from the State Patrol. Clarice expressed her appreciation for their presence, indicating that it was a positive thing.

According to OSHP, Independence Day has tragically become one of the deadliest holidays in the state, with a total of 50 lives lost in car crashes over the past three years and 12 deaths last year alone. In addition, several motorcyclists and pedestrians have also lost their lives during this holiday period.

According to Captain Gerry Vogel from the Westlake Police Department, it appears that individuals are displaying increasingly aggressive driving behaviors.

They are stepping up their patrols, including their department and several others.

According to Captain Vogel, extra patrols will be deployed to keep an eye out for aggressive driving, excessive speeding, and DUIs. He emphasized the extreme danger of drinking and driving and stated that with the availability of ride-sharing services, there is no excuse for getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

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Wild driving has been on the rise in recent weeks.

The state troopers shared some alarming pictures on X depicting dangerous speeds, ranging from 85 mph to a staggering 116 mph, that were recorded in Cuyahoga County.

According to Dave Broadhurst, a daily commuter from Akron, the roads are in a terrible state. He drives for over 30 minutes every day to get to work and experiences constant frustration on the road. He shares that people are driving recklessly, cutting him off and making it difficult to navigate through traffic.

A fellow traveler from Wisconsin shared with FOX 8 that they had witnessed comparable driving patterns on Wednesday.

Melissa Petersen described the movement of the objects as they bobbed and weaved from one side to the other.

As she went about her day, she couldn’t help but notice numerous officers conducting traffic stops on the roads.

She expressed her appreciation for the police presence by saying, “It’s really nice, really nice.”

Troopers are urging individuals to dial #677 to report any instances of reckless and impaired driving, as well as stranded motorists and drug activity.

Captain Vogel advised to reduce distractions and take responsibility for one’s actions.

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