One week after being reported missing, a woman from Indianapolis was discovered deceased inside a storage container in a wooded area.

A woman’s body was discovered in the woods on Indy’s near southeast side, leaving an Indianapolis mother seeking answers.

According to the victim’s family, they were provided a tip suggesting that the woman could potentially be located in a wooded area situated behind a food distribution center on South Keystone.

On Sunday, the family went out to search and discovered the deceased woman inside a storage tote.

Tara Capps, who was 36 years old, was recognized by her family.

Virginia Summers, the mother of the victim, expressed the difficulty of the situation, saying “nobody should have to go through this.”

According to Summers, her oldest daughter was identified through her fingerprints.

It remains unclear to the family how much time had passed before the victim was found in the woods.

According to Summers, the act was monstrous and undeserved. It was completely uncalled for.

Surprisingly, the family had been on a relentless search for Capps in the vicinity of the woods for a week before they stumbled upon the horrifying discovery.

Summers expressed that no family should have to endure such a traumatic experience, stating that it is the ultimate worst-case scenario for any family.

Officer William Young of IMPD shared that the investigation began as a search for a missing person.

According to police reports, Capps was reported missing by her family on June 30th.

Although the police are investigating the case as a homicide, they have not yet disclosed any information regarding a possible suspect or motive.

Young expressed that the investigation is still ongoing and there is hope that more information will surface in the coming days to ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

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Summers expressed her hope that the perpetrators of this heinous act are brought to justice. She emphasized that no one should ever have to experience such a tragedy.

Capps’ mother has made a heartfelt plea to the public, urging anyone with information about the unsolved homicide to come forward and speak up.

Summers expressed his unwavering determination to seek justice, saying “I won’t stop. It doesn’t matter if it takes 10 or 20 years. I will not rest until justice is served. I will continue to fight until my last breath.”

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