One fatality reported as fog and fire smoke cause many I-10 accidents in New Orleans

A thick fog engulfed Interstate 10 in New Orleans on Tuesday, leading to the tragic death of one person and causing injuries to others. This incident occurred only two weeks after a similar superfog event on 1-55.

According to, several crashes on I-10 near Michoud Boulevard were reported to the police at 4:37 a.m. The incident resulted in multiple injuries, including the death of a man who was later taken to the hospital. Total Traffic New Orleans confirmed the hazardous situation in a report at 4:52 a.m. stating that visibility was extremely poor, and multiple accidents were happening.

According to reports, an 18-wheeler traveling westbound on I-10 at Michoud overturned, and there were several accidents between Irish Bayou and Michoud. One of the accidents involved an individual who was trapped under a car.

The National Weather Service New Orleans has issued a dense smoke advisory for eastern Orleans and extreme southeast St Tammany parishes near Irish Bayou along I-10. The advisory is a result of the wildfire smoke that has been trapped near the surface.

According to the NWS, the smoke is confined to the lower atmosphere and can cause visibility to drop significantly, making it difficult and even risky to drive until the situation improves.

“Superfog” is a term used to describe zero-visibility conditions that result from a combination of condensed water vapor, smoke, and moisture. This phenomenon not only affects air quality but also poses a significant danger to transportation and outdoor activities.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is gearing up to initiate permanent repairs on the portion of I-55 that was impacted by a multi-vehicle accident due to superfog. This incident occurred just two weeks after a fatal pile-up that resulted in eight deaths, with over 100 vehicles involved in the crash. Multiple inspections were conducted to analyze the data before the decision was made to start the repairs.

Crews are currently repairing the left lane near the accident site, which means that traffic on I-55 southbound will be diverted to the right lane. As for the northbound lanes, they will remain closed to the public until they are fully repaired.

Due to the accident on Tuesday, I-10 West at Michoud Boulevard still remains closed for traffic. As a result, traffic is being diverted at Irish Bayou, and the congestion has already reached up to ten miles. The Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has advised the motorists to take an alternate route to avoid the traffic.

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