One driver receives citation for using cell phone while driving, leading to three-car collision in downtown Pocatello resulting in hospitalization

A man was sent to the hospital and three vehicles were damaged in a crash in downtown Pocatello caused by a driver talking on a cell phone, according to the police.

The crash took place at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Saturday on the 300 block of North Main Street. According to the police, a car driven by an adult female collided with a parked SUV. The driver was talking on her cell phone at the time of the incident. The force of the impact caused the SUV to crash into a parked pickup truck.

The man who was sitting in the parked SUV sustained non-life threatening injuries in the crash, according to authorities. He was then transported to Portneuf Medical Center for treatment via a Pocatello Fire Department ambulance.

Fortunately, there were no other casualties in the collision.

The crash caused significant damage to both the car and SUV, while the unoccupied pickup truck sustained only minor damage.

The Pocatello police have cited the driver of the car for engaging in the act of talking on a cell phone while driving.

The accident caused a partial blockage of North Main Street, resulting in a delay of over 30 minutes.

The authorities have not yet disclosed the names of the individuals involved in the accident.

Pocatello police are currently investigating the crash.

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