Officials report that Ukraine launched an attack on a residential building in Russia, resulting in the death of 15 individuals

According to a local governor, a Ukrainian missile struck a 10-story residential building in Belgorod, Russia overnight.

According to an update from the Emergency Situations Ministry on Sunday, the death toll has now risen to 15 people.

According to a post on Telegram by Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a massive attack on the city and district of Belgorod.

According to a statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the building was hit by the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile as part of several missiles launched overnight. The ministry stated that it is unclear whether the missile specifically targeted the building or if the damage was a result of fragments from a downed missile.

According to Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry, search-and-rescue workers initially retrieved the remains of 11 individuals from the debris of the apartment building.

Ukrainian military officials have not yet responded to the claims, and their validity is yet to be confirmed.

The photos revealed that a significant section of the apartment building in Kharkovskaya Gora had been completely devastated, leaving the remaining structure standing on both sides of a noticeable gap.

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