Officials issue warning for flooding and heavy rainfall in East Texas

TYLER, Texas ( mocobiz) – The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) is teaming up with state and local authorities to closely monitor weather conditions as rain sweeps across East Texas at the start of the week.

Wes Rapaport, the Communications Officer for the Texas Division of Emergency Management, shared that the National Weather Service has updated their forecast for East Texas. According to the latest predictions, there is now an expectation of more rain than initially anticipated.

The Longview Fire Department is taking proactive measures in anticipation of potential flooding, based on the forecasts.

According to Kevin May, Fire Marshal for the Longview Fire Department, the city has identified several areas that are prone to flooding. To ensure public safety, they have strategically placed barricades throughout the city that can be used to shut down roads if necessary.

According to TDEM, it is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant about the weather at all times.According to Rapaport, heavy rainfall poses a significant threat in East Texas, leading to potential flash flooding and river flooding.

Emergency management coordinators in Smith County are actively monitoring areas that are prone to flooding.

Brandon Moore, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Smith County, states that the current projections indicate that the flooding will mainly affect the Sabine River area, including Smith County and Wood County to the north.

Water rescue teams are already on standby, ready to respond to any potential threat.May stated that their water resource team would be kept locally at the moment.

If possible, officials recommend avoiding driving. However, if you do have to venture out on the roads, it is important to remember the phrase “turn around and don’t drown.”

Rapaport emphasized the tireless efforts of our responders and meteorologists who are working round the clock to ensure the safety of Texans amidst these weather threats.

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