NYPD seeks 4 suspects in connection with violent robbery at Golden Krust

Mocobizscene-  A group of four men is being sought by the police for their involvement in a brutal attack at a Golden Krust restaurant in Allerton.

According to witnesses, the victim, who is believed to be an Amazon delivery driver, seemed to be targeted by a group of individuals. The police have obtained a photograph of the suspected ringleader, whom they are currently searching for.

The victim, aged 28, sustained minor injuries and is expected to recover. However, this incident has left the community feeling anxious.

According to customer Allan Ricketts, it is unacceptable and unnecessary for such incidents to occur in this establishment or anywhere else. He believes that it goes against the interests of both the customers and the owners. Ricketts emphasizes the importance of getting along and treating each other with respect, especially over something as basic as food.

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