NTSB: Student-pilot and instructor were rehearsing emergency procedures prior to fatal crash

A flight instructor and her student were conducting a practice session for emergency procedures when they were forced to declare a real emergency. Unfortunately, the plane ultimately crashed, resulting in the tragic death of the instructor and causing serious injuries to the student, as confirmed by officials.

According to a preliminary report released on Friday by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the pilot was practicing shutting down one engine in a multi-engine plane during the incident. The plane crash occurred on March 30 at the Treasure Coast International Airport in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The student was on course for landing with the right engine of the Piper PA-44 aircraft idling, ready to perform a missed approach. However, according to the report, when he attempted to increase the power by pressing on the throttles, neither engine provided any thrust.

The instructor assumed control, announced an emergency, and made an effort to land the aircraft. Unfortunately, the plane lost power and descended abruptly to the ground, according to the report. Valentina Guillen, a 22-year-old instructor from Argentina, was tragically pronounced dead at the accident site. The student, a 19-year-old, sustained severe injuries in the incident.

February has been a tragic month for aviation in Florida, with a total of eight plane crashes occurring. These incidents have resulted in loss of lives and have caused immense grief and sorrow. Let us take a moment to look back at these tragic events and remember the lives that were lost.

Witness said the plane nosedived, passengers stuck inside

The scene was promptly attended to by officials from the St. Lucie County Fire District and the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a report from the Sheriff’s office, a witness to the incident stated that the aircraft was in the process of making its approach to the runway when it suddenly dropped from the sky, resulting in a nosedive into the runway.

Two individuals were reportedly trapped inside the vehicle, according to officials. Firefighters utilized specialized equipment in order to safely extricate them. Fortunately, one of the passengers managed to survive and was promptly transported to a nearby hospital. It is anticipated that the individual will fully recover from the incident.

The student and instructor were undergoing training at Aviator College. According to Roxanne Palmer, the director of academic affairs at Aviator College, they were on the second flight of the day in the aircraft.

According to the report, the plane underwent an inspection the day prior to the accident.

Palmer chose not to provide any additional comments until the release of the final NTSB report.

According to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the student-pilot and instructor involved in a fatal crash were practicing emergency procedures at the time of the incident. The NTSB investigation revealed that the two individuals were engaged in a training session when the accident occurred. The report did not provide further details about the specific emergency procedures being practiced or the cause of the crash.

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