Nonprofit organization in Atlanta devises innovative solution to feed homeless population

A generous school teacher in the metro area provided students with pre-paid cards worth $5 each to use at fast food restaurants.

Ashley Dihigo expressed her excitement when she received the card, wondering what it was and why it was being given to her. She eagerly listened as the explanation was provided.

At first, some of Dihigo’s students were a bit confused.

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John Patton explained that the card is specifically designed for fast food restaurants in America.

Patton, the founder of the Atlanta nonprofit Street Charity, is making a significant impact in the community.

According to the speaker, nowadays, individuals who wish to assist homeless individuals with some money no longer carry cash. Additionally, they want to ensure that the money is not spent on substances such as alcohol, tobacco, or other harmful items.

Charitable individuals have the option to explore Street Charity, as suggested by the expert.

“We’re not advocating for fast food as a healthy diet choice. Rather, we recognize that on a scorching day, we’re providing individuals with the opportunity to enter our establishment with dignity and simply order a refreshing Coke,” stated Patton.

According to Patton, if the recipients fail to utilize the cards, they will expire after a few months.

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