Non-profit organization in West Alabama provides temporary assistance for utility bills

Temporary Emergency Services, a non-profit agency, is currently inundated with requests for assistance. On average, they are handling between 12 to 20 appointments per week from individuals seeking help with their air conditioning bills.

Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson is well aware of what lies ahead.

“I, like many others, have noticed an increase in my utility bills,” expresses Dr. Thompson-Jackson.

People are already reaching out for assistance with their utility bills, despite their diligent budgeting efforts.

“According to the expert, there are instances when you plan your finances meticulously, but unforeseen events can throw your budget off track. For example, your car may unexpectedly break down, or it could be the end of the school year, which often comes with additional expenses. Additionally, there might be unexpected costs that arise and disrupt your financial plans.”

According to Dr. Thompson-Jackson, they are more than happy to assist individuals in need. Providing assistance is an essential part of their comprehensive service. However, she advises people to reach out to their utility company as a first step and explore the possibility of establishing a payment plan. If that option is not feasible, she recommends considering non-profit organizations like Temporary Emergency Services as a secondary option.

Dr. Thompson-Jackson emphasizes the importance of reaching out to the utility company to prevent the disconnection of utilities. She explains that once the utilities are turned off, there may be additional costs associated with reconnecting them.

If you ever require assistance from Temporary Emergency Services, it’s important to note that they may not always be able to cover the full amount. The extent of their support depends on the specific circumstances, as explained by Dr. Thompson-Jackson.

According to Dr. Thompson-Jackson, “Although we may perceive ourselves as a large agency, we do not receive government funding for utility bills.”

As the temperatures continue to climb, Temporary Emergency Services is prepared to provide much-needed temporary relief.

According to Dr. Thompson-Jackson, many individuals tend to procrastinate, which can prove to be a significant error. It is crucial to adopt a proactive mindset and take action in a timely manner.

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