Nick Begich pauses campaign to hunt and kill Kodiak bear

After the Alaska Republicans convention, Nick Begich, a congressional candidate, quickly changed his clothes and made his way to the airport. His destination? Kodiak.

Vertigo Air transported Begich to the Uyak Bay area, where he had a tag for hunting Kodiak brown bear. Accompanying him on this adventure was his friend Pat McCollum of Wasilla, who also happens to be the husband of Mat-Su School Board member Kathy McCollum.

The following day, Begich successfully hunted a Kodiak bear, skillfully taking aim from a distance of approximately 100 yards. With a single shot, he expertly brought down the bear, hitting it precisely at the shoulder.

After the Alaska Department of Fish and Game personnel thoroughly examined the hide and skull, extracting a tooth and hair samples for a comprehensive study, the bear received legal sealing. Upon returning to Anchorage, Begich entrusted the hide and skull to the renowned taxidermist, Dan Williams, located in the Mat-Su Valley.

Begich revealed that he opted for a Kimber Montana .300 Win. Mag. rifle, equipped with Nosler 190-grain, AccuBond long-range, trophy-grade bullets.

After his visit to the hospital, he resumed his campaign activities and got ready for an event at Bell’s Nursery in Anchorage on Tuesday evening.

A Kodiak brown bear hunt is a rare and extraordinary experience that many hunters consider to be the ultimate achievement in their sport.

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