New tank battalion and job opportunities on the horizon for Georgia Army National Guard

The Georgia Army National Guard’s new commander expressed excitement over the prospect of acquiring a new tank battalion and creating hundreds of new jobs.

Investigative reporter Mark Winne recently had a conversation with Brigadier General Jason Fryman regarding his fresh role.

According to Fryman, he has accumulated over 2,800 hours of flight experience. However, in his new role, he will not only be flying in the air but also overseeing soldiers on the ground.

Throughout his career, Fryman has dedicated the majority of his time to being airborne.

“I consider myself extremely lucky. I have had the privilege of flying for 25 out of my 27 years,” Fryman expressed gratefully.

He mentioned that his time in Iraq left a lasting impact on him and serves as a constant reminder of the true nature of military service.

During a nighttime mission, he recounted how he was tasked with flying a young captain to replace a fallen commander.

“I vividly recall pondering the situation of the young soldier seated behind me, imagining myself in his position and contemplating the immense leadership challenge that lay ahead of him,” Fryman reflected.

The newly-promoted general now faces a fresh leadership challenge.

Governor Brian Kemp has appointed him as the new leader of the Georgia Army National Guard.

For approximately two years until 2023, Fryman served on a small team within the Army Futures Command. One of their main objectives was to develop a successor for the Blackhawk helicopter, which he had piloted for the majority of his career.

“It has truly opened my eyes to the direction the Army is heading towards and the advancements in modernization,” Fryman expressed.

According to him, Georgia’s Army Guard is currently at a crucial juncture, with its future hanging in the balance. However, things are looking promising as Georgia has been selected as one of two states to receive a new mobile protected firepower battalion consisting of 400 soldiers, centered around the state-of-the-art M10 Booker tank. The highly anticipated arrival of these new tanks is expected in 2028.

Fryman emphasized the significance and prominence of the mission, highlighting that it holds a leading position in terms of importance.

Georgia’s Army Guard, according to Fryman, has positioned itself excellently to compete for new missions. It holds the top spot in the country for recruiting, and its 48th infantry brigade combat team is currently making a mark overseas in locations such as Kosovo, Iraq, and Kuwait.

According to Fryman, the M10 Booker tank is the latest combat capability in the Army. Not only is it designed to be lethal to the enemy in combat, but it also incorporates features that aim to improve the chances of survival for Georgia soldiers in armed conflicts.

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