New Mexico nonprofit seeks backing for its ‘Mowing for a Cause’ campaign

Rodney Smith Jr., the founder of Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service, is taking his philanthropic efforts to New Mexico with his latest campaign, ‘Mowing for a Cause.’ However, he faces a challenge in finding a special charity or cause to support in the state.

Smith’s organization has gained national recognition for its commendable work in offering free lawn care services to the elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans. Since its establishment in 2016, this non-profit has successfully mobilized over 5,000 young volunteers from across the country. These enthusiastic individuals not only engage in lawn mowing but also actively participate in other activities like leaf raking and snow shoveling. The organization’s ultimate objective is to instill in young men and women the importance of making a positive contribution to their communities.

Smith has set out on 18 nationwide tours with the goal of mowing lawns in all 50 states for different causes. However, he is currently facing a challenge in New Mexico as he looks for a local charity or individual with a cause to support.

Smith is enthusiastic about his initiative and expresses his eagerness to find a cause to support in every state. He emphasizes the significance of community involvement.

“I always find it challenging to come across lawns during my tours, especially in certain areas. Therefore, it will be a pleasant change to find someone in Albuquerque who needs their lawn mowed, even if there are some weeds that need to be taken care of,” Smith expressed.

Despite the challenges, he holds on to hope that his mission will gain momentum in the Land of Enchantment, enabling him to achieve the goals of his campaign.

Smith will be arriving in New Mexico on April 11. If you would like to suggest a cause or find out more about getting involved with Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service, you can click here.

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