New Jersey rest stop to be renamed in honor of movie star who was raised there

The service area located at the southernmost point of the Garden State Parkway is set to receive a fresh new name.

The Ocean View Service Area in Cape May County plans to follow the growing trend of renaming service areas as a tribute to the New Jersey Hall of Fame inductees.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority commissioners officially approved the name change during their meeting on February 27.

According to documents from the Turnpike Authority, the original plan to rename Ocean View in honor of author Toni Morrison could not be carried out due to the New Jersey Hall of Fame being unable to obtain consent.

Movie star Bruce Willis has been chosen to receive the honor instead. The New Jersey Hall of Fame has already obtained consent from the acclaimed “Die Hard” actor.

Bruce Willis is a well-known actor with a successful career in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in numerous films and has established himself as a versatile and talented performer. With his distinctive voice and tough guy image, Willis has become a recognizable figure in Hollywood. He has received critical acclaim for his performances in movies such as Die Hard and Pulp Fiction, and has also ventured into other genres, including comedy and drama. Willis continues to be a prominent figure in the film industry, captivating audiences with his charismatic on-screen presence.

Willis was raised in Penns Grove, Salem County, and he completed his education at Penns Grove High School.

In 2022, the actor, aged 68, made the decision to retire from his acting career due to being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. This condition has the potential to impact his behavior and communication abilities.

The Ocean View Service Area, operated by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, offers a picturesque setting for travelers to take a break and refuel. With its stunning ocean view, this service area provides a refreshing and relaxing environment for visitors. Whether you’re on a long road trip or just passing through, the Ocean View Service Area is a perfect pit stop to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding area. So, next time you’re cruising along the New Jersey Turnpike, make sure to make a stop at the Ocean View Service Area and experience its tranquil ambiance firsthand.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has announced that the service area between Parkway exits 17 and 20 will be given an official name change by mid-April. A spokesperson for the authority clarified that aside from the name, there will be no other modifications made to the service area.

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