New information revealed about suspect in murders of Australian and U.S. surfers

A Mexican court has issued an order for the prosecution of the individual accused of murdering two Australians and an American during a surfing trip. Disturbing details have also come to light regarding the alleged confession made by the suspect.

According to the BBC, the suspect’s girlfriend revealed in court that he confessed to the murder of the three friends upon returning from their campsite. The 23-year-old woman informed investigators that he arrived at her house on April 28, disclosing that he had done something to “three gringos.”

During the court proceedings, she recounted the moment she inquired about his statement, to which he chillingly responded, “I killed them.”

According to prosecutors cited by the BBC, he then presented her with new tires that were supposedly taken from the three surfers.

According to the state prosecutor’s office, the suspect will face charges for the crime of “disappearance committed by private individuals,” and it is anticipated that homicide charges will be brought against them in the future.

During their camping trip at a secluded beach area, the trio met a tragic fate as investigators suspect that their lives were taken during an attempt to steal their pickup truck.

The prosecution is currently collecting evidence to charge two additional suspects who are currently in detention for alleged possession of methamphetamine.

Baja California, situated just south of California, attracts a significant number of American tourists due to its beautiful and welcoming beaches.

Mexico’s most violent states include one in which organized crime gangs operate, although they typically do not target tourists.

On Tuesday, the forensic service transported the bodies of the victims to a funeral home in Baja California. The funeral home will then transfer the bodies to the United States, where the families are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

The parents of the two Australian brothers are encouraging well-wishers to draw inspiration from their memory and live a more vibrant, passionate, and compassionate life.

Debra and Martin Robinson, speaking from California, expressed their sorrow over the deaths, stating that they believe the world has become a darker place as a result.

Martin expressed his gratitude to his friends and family in Australia and the United States for their overwhelming support during the men’s disappearance.

With the ocean behind her, Debra, the mother, found it challenging to read through her prepared remarks.

“With immense sorrow, we must share the devastating news of Callum and Jake’s tragic murders,” she started, her voice trembling with grief. “Our hearts are shattered, and the world feels infinitely more somber for us.”

Callum, who is 33 years old, was lovingly described as a larger-than-life character. He gained fame in the United States as “the big koala” while playing professional lacrosse there.

The Premier Lacrosse League in the United States expressed its deep sorrow and sadness over the tragic loss of the three individuals in a heartfelt message on its website. The entire lacrosse community is devastated by this heartbreaking news.

Callum was a lacrosse player at Stevenson University in Maryland. According to head lacrosse coach Paul Cantabene, he was devastated upon hearing the news.

“I found myself overcome with emotion and couldn’t help but shed some tears. Afterward, I had the difficult task of making some challenging phone calls and informing certain individuals about the situation,” Cantabene shared. “That part was particularly challenging.”

On social media, his girlfriend expressed her devastation by sharing a black and white photo of the couple kissing. She accompanied the photo with a heartfelt message, stating that he is truly one of a kind and that she will love him forever. Another photo she shared depicted the two of them embracing, and in the caption, she expressed that her heart is broken into countless pieces and that she is currently at a loss for words.

Jake, who was 30 years old, was known for being a “happy, gentle, and compassionate individual” with a passion for medicine. He also had a deep love for surfing and cricket.

“They were a group of young men who shared a deep love for surfing,” Debra expressed. “Now, it is the moment to reunite them with their loved ones and the enchanting ocean waves back in Australia.”

Rhoad had made plans to marry Natalie Weirtz on August 17th in Columbus, Ohio, as indicated by an online wedding registry from Zola. In order to gather support for Natalie, a GoFundMe campaign was created and has already raised over $80,000 as of Thursday morning.

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