New facts about Miami-Dade Transgender Woman Murder Revealed

A 25-year-old man, who was taken into custody last month in Broward County for his involvement in the tragic killing of a transgender woman, has been relocated to Miami-Dade’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Tuesday.

Northwest Miami-Dade has charged Anthony Quinn Peyton with second-degree murder in relation to the death of London Price. On October 30th, authorities detained him in Fort Lauderdale. Miami-Dade police reported that surveillance footage recorded the aftermath of a deadly shooting on October 23rd, which took place outside an apartment on Northwest 93rd Street.

According to the police, Peyton was captured on video running away from the crime scene with a gun in his hand. Based on the arrest warrant, a witness informed detectives that Peyton and Price engaged in an argument that day, which eventually escalated into a physical altercation inside Price’s apartment.

According to the statement, Peyton produced a firearm from his waistband and hit Price in the face with it. The warrant states that during the altercation in the apartment’s bathroom, a witness attempted to intervene but was unsuccessful. The witness fell to the floor and then heard a gunshot.

According to the police, the woman reported to detectives that she witnessed Price falling to the ground as Peyton hastily left the apartment. The cause of Price’s death has been confirmed by a medical examiner’s report, which states that he died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

According to Local 10 News, Nedra Allen confirmed that the victim identified as her niece and was 26 years old. Allen also revealed that the victim was a transgender woman. Peyton was identified as Price’s killer by her family before the police even made an official announcement. The family also revealed that Peyton was Price’s ex-boyfriend.

According to Danielle Price Lindsey, Peyton was having issues with his parents, so her daughter provided a place for him to live and call home. According to neighbors, the pair had an argument about three weeks before the shooting, which coincides with the time when Allen had mentioned wanting to “take her away from that.”

According to records, Peyton had been arrested twice for violence prior to last year, but the charges were ultimately dismissed. According to Price’s mother, her daughter relocated to Miami with the intention of improving her life. She was employed at the Apple store situated in the Miami International Airport. On Wednesday, authorities were holding Peyton at TGK without bond.

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