Neighbors claim that signs opposing Sandy Springs school’s intention to install stadium lights have been stolen

The installation of stadium lights at Mount Vernon School has sparked an ugly debate, with neighbors reporting incidents of stolen protest signs.

A neighbor reported to the police after witnessing someone stealing approximately six signs, while another neighbor managed to capture a video of the culprit walking away with one of the signs.

Steve Leeds, the person who submitted the report, expressed his disapproval by stating, “Taking a sign is theft. It’s a theft of property, and that goes against my principles of resolving conflicts.”

The signs at Mount Vernon School deliver a powerful message: “Protect Neighbors and Habitats. Say No to Harmful Lights and Noise.”

The opponents argue that the installation of four 70-foot tall light towers at Mount Vernon School would result in excessive glare, leading to light pollution.

Leeds expressed concerns about the potential impact of having nightly games that extend until 9:30 or 10:00 pm. He emphasized that the noise, activities on campus, increased traffic, and other factors would significantly affect the quality of life in the neighborhood and the entire area.

Leeds and his neighbors firmly believe that the school is not responsible for the sign thefts. Unfortunately, no one from the school was available for comment on Thursday.

In a statement sent to Channel 2 Action News on April 9, the school’s head, Kristy Lundstrom, emphasized the need for lights due to an increasing number of students showing interest in playing sports.

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