Nebraska man shoots and injures 7 Guatemalan immigrant neighbors, all of whom are non-white

Seven Guatemalan immigrants were shot and injured by a reclusive and confrontational white man in Crete, Nebraska. Investigators are considering the possibility of racist motives but have not yet confirmed it.

Crete, a community of approximately 7,000 residents located about 70 miles (110 kilometers) southwest of Omaha, was left shaken after the shootings. The population of this diverse community comprises about 50% Hispanic individuals and almost 25% foreign-born residents.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Booth had a tendency to keep to himself but had previous conflicts with his neighbors whenever he did engage with them.

According to Crete Police Chief Gary Young, the family had lodged a complaint with the police earlier, stating that Booth had made an offensive gesture and told them to return to their country and communicate only in English. However, they did not pursue any charges against him.

The motive behind the incident is still under investigation, and authorities are not ruling out the possibility of it being racially motivated.

“The chief stated that the context of the phrases ‘go home’ and ‘speak English’ implies a certain meaning,” was noted.

According to the neighbors, Booth also had conflicts with white residents on his street.

According to Dave Hansen, who lives next door to Booth, “He despised everyone.”

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