NBA’s Jalen Green Becomes Father to Baby Girl in February, No Tensions with Mother Draya

Houston Rockets star Jalen Green celebrated the arrival of his baby girl earlier this year. Surprisingly, there seems to be no animosity between the mother of his first child and his current girlfriend, Draya Michele. According to TMZ Sports, everyone involved has a harmonious relationship and there are no conflicts whatsoever.

According to our sources, it has been confirmed that Green is indeed the father of a newborn baby who was born on February 12th. The mother of the child is a 23-year-old California student named Myah Iakopo.

Green and Iakopo had known each other for some time, but they were never in a committed relationship. Despite this, the former 2nd overall pick has made a commitment to be actively involved in the life of baby Peace Moira. Green is also providing financial support for the child whenever necessary.

Draya, who revealed her pregnancy in March, is reportedly aware of Green’s new baby. However, sources claim that the two mothers have not had any communication.

According to the information we received, there is no truth to the speculation that the two mothers have any issues with each other. Iakopo is solely focused on co-parenting with Green for the well-being of their child, Peace. She is not concerned about Green’s personal life outside of their shared responsibilities as parents.

Draya is about to welcome her baby into the world, which means it’s the perfect time to plan a future playdate for her little one and their half-sisters.

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