National STEM Champion chosen from Mississippi student

Celia Lane had always dreamt of becoming a doctor.

Throughout the span of a year, her diligent research on maternal-fetal medicine and the significant role of nutrition garnered her the prestigious title of National STEM Champion in Mississippi.

“I was pleasantly taken aback, although I hesitate to use the word ‘surprised’ because it reflects the conditioning that women in STEM often experience when receiving awards. It’s almost as if we feel unworthy. However, I am determined to embrace this accomplishment and acknowledge that I deserve it. Yes, I did that,” expressed Celia, a junior at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

Celia actively participates in an independent research program at St. Andrews, where she pursues her passion for becoming a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

When it came time to submit her entry for the National STEM challenge, it was no surprise that she chose that as her topic.

Celia explained that her research focused on investigating the influence of the gut microbiome on arginine synthesis. In simpler terms, she examined how the microorganisms in the gut affect the production of this crucial amino acid, which plays a vital role in maternal-fetal health.

Celia, a remarkable 17-year-old, is one of the 126 students nationwide who have been acknowledged for their remarkable achievements in the National STEM Challenge. She shares an important message with other young innovators: don’t get discouraged, as significant change takes time to happen.

“Don’t doubt yourself and have confidence in your ability to make a difference, even if it may seem insignificant. Remember, every great journey starts with a small step,” she emphasized.

In her free time, when Celia is not busy making a difference in the world, she finds joy in activities like cooking, playing soccer, or immersing herself in a captivating book.

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