National Park Service denies it requested removal of American flag

The National Park Service (NPS) has refuted allegations that park officials at Denali National Park instructed a construction crew to refrain from flying the American flag during Memorial Day weekend.

According to a report by Alaska Watchman, a conservative news outlet, there are claims that a construction worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported an incident at a park. The worker stated that while working on a 475-foot-long bridge, they were allegedly informed that they could no longer fly the American flag from their trucks or heavy equipment.

Republican Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan wrote a letter to the NPS director on Friday, expressing his concerns about the claim and urging a thorough investigation into the alleged incident.

In a letter, he expressed his outrage at the situation, especially considering the upcoming Memorial Day, a time when Americans unite to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. He emphasized that the American flag, particularly during Memorial Day weekend, should be celebrated rather than censored by federal government employees.

Sullivan, who posted a letter on X (formerly known as Twitter), emphasized that he couldn’t think of any federal regulation or law that would prohibit the display of the American flag on public land.

“It is absolutely absurd and goes against all reason that a federal contractor, who is working on a project funded by American taxpayers in a National Park, would be forbidden from displaying the American flag. I find it inconceivable that there could be a federal law or regulation that would require such a restriction,” he passionately concluded in his letter.

The NPS issued a statement on Sunday denying the report and categorically dismissing the claims as false.

The National Park Service (NPS) clarified that they never intended to prohibit the display of the American flag at the project site or on any associated vehicles. In their statement, they emphasized that the NPS does not oversee the contract for the bridge project or have the power to enforce any terms or policies related to the contractors involved in the work.

According to the statement, the American flag is visible in multiple places within Denali National Park. It can be seen at park facilities, campsites, public and private vehicles, as well as employee residences. The park authorities welcome the display of the flag on Memorial Day weekend and every day.

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