MTG references her controversial ‘Jewish space laser’ theory in a proposed amendment targeting aid to Israel.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed her opposition to providing additional funding to Israel in a peculiarly self-referential manner.

The congresswoman from Georgia insisted that the United States should allocate its funding to Israel for the development of “space lasers,” which seems to allude to a controversial incident in her political history.

Greene has put forward an amendment to HR 8034 that aims to redirect funds from Israel towards the development of space laser technology along the southwest border of the United States.

Greene expressed that the aim of the initiative was to equip the United States with advanced laser-powered weaponry, similar to Israel’s experimental Iron Beam.

When discussing space lasers, Greene’s comments may hold a different significance for certain individuals, particularly when considering the connection to Israel.

In 2021, shortly after Greene assumed office, Media Matters, a campaign group, discovered social media posts from previous years that contained conspiratorial content.

According to a 2018 study, it was proposed that a massive wildfire in California may have been triggered by lasers in orbit.

The occurrence was linked to the Rothschild family of Jewish financiers, who have often been targeted by antisemitic theories.

According to a report by Business Insider in 2021, more details have emerged about Greene’s actions, revealing that she deleted the post once it was brought to public attention.

The theory of the “Jewish space laser” has undoubtedly become a frequent target of ridicule by Greene’s critics and is frequently raised by journalists when discussing her.

In an early March video, Greene expresses her displeasure when questioned about the theory by British reporter Emily Maitlis, telling her to “fuck off.”

Returning to the realm of space lasers might appear peculiar for Greene, considering the frequent ridicule it has brought upon her.

However, this approach aligns with her MAGA Republican persona as she embraces attention-grabbing tactics to convey her stances. In this instance, she adamantly opposes providing assistance to foreign nations.

The suggestion is not meant to be realistic.

Greene and her allies, including Rep. Paul Gosar, introduced a series of amendments aimed at increasing the difficulty of passing the bills.

Greene also proposed seven amendments to a bill aimed at providing financial aid to Ukraine.

The provisions in question aim to redirect funds to areas in the United States affected by natural disasters. Additionally, there is a proposal that would require all members of Congress who endorse the bill to join the Ukrainian military.

Business Insider reached out to Greene’s office for comment via email, which was sent outside of regular business hours.

Lawmakers have introduced new bills in an effort to overcome the ongoing deadlock in Congress and provide much-needed aid to Ukraine and Israel. These bills represent the latest attempts to address the urgent needs of these countries.

The House is currently considering the bills separately, as previous attempts to address both issues in a single bill were abandoned.

President Joe Biden expressed his support for both measures on Wednesday and urged the House and Senate to pass them promptly, emphasizing his eagerness to sign them into law.

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