Mother of Garlan Gudger reports that he is recovering well after a jet ski accident that resulted in broken ribs

According to his mother, Alabama State Senator Garlan Gudger Jr., who is from Cullman, is recovering well after he and his son were involved in a jet ski accident on Thursday.

Dot Denning Gudger shared a Facebook post saying, “I just had a conversation with his doctor and he is recovering remarkably well despite being hit by a JetSki!!”

According to his mother, Gudger sustained broken ribs and a chipped vertebrae in the incident that occurred on Smith Lake.

She said that his back was experiencing a lot of pain due to all of this.

According to his mother, doctors had scheduled to get Gudger up and walking on Friday.

She expressed her concern for him, saying, “I’m dreading it for him, so please pray because it’s going to be very painful.” She also thanked everyone for their support and requested that they continue to pray for them because that’s what they need right now more than anything.

On Sunday afternoon, Senator Garlan Gudger from Cullman was operating a 2024 Sea-Doo GTI when his son, Garlan E. Gudger III, accidentally collided with him from behind while driving another Sea-Doo. This information was provided by ALEA Trooper Sgt. Jeremy Burkett on Friday.

At 3:15 p.m. on Thursday, a collision occurred in the Little Crooked Creek area, also referred to as Rock Creek, on Smith Lake in Cullman County.

According to Burkett, the two drivers were thrown into the water as a result of the crash, but they were both wearing personal flotation devices.

According to Burkett, individuals nearby provided aid to the father and son who were struggling in the water and helped them to safety at a nearby dock.

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According to a statement from the Alabama State Senate, Gudger Jr. underwent surgery and was airlifted to UAB Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. He suffered from internal bleeding and other injuries.

Paramedics assessed Gudger III and discharged him at the location.

Late Thursday night, a statement was released by Heather, Gudger’s wife, which read as follows:

“We express our gratitude to the first responders who arrived promptly on the scene, as well as the members of the helicopter airlift unit, the doctors, and nurses at UAB, and all those who provided assistance during this accident. We appreciate their efforts and acknowledge that each of them played a vital role in preventing the situation from escalating to a more severe level.”

“We appreciate the kind gestures of those who have offered their prayers for Garlan’s recovery. Your support has been a source of comfort during this difficult time. We believe that God has the power to heal and we trust that Garlan is in His capable hands.”

“Garlan is widely recognized as a resilient and robust individual by those who know him. Despite his injuries, he will undoubtedly bounce back and carry on serving his district’s people while upholding the conservative Alabama ideals that many of us cherish.”

According to the Alabama Senate Republicans webpage, the Cullman Republican secured a position in the state senate in 2018.

Assistance with medical treatment and transport was provided by both the Crane Hill Fire Department and Cullman EMS upon their arrival at the scene.

ALEA’s Marine Patrol Division is currently conducting an ongoing investigation.

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