Mother of Autistic daughter avoids prison despite not treating her wound which led to fatal infection.

In 2023, a woman from Indiana was able to escape imprisonment after her 12-year-old daughter, who was autistic, passed away due to an infection while residing in a home that was infested with vermin and unclean.

As per the agreement, Hargrave will undergo three years of home detention in a group home or a residential placement that is approved. In addition, she has been directed to attend parenting classes. She will have to serve four more years on probation.

On February 28, 2023, Hargrave took May May to Riley Children’s Hospital due to a wound on her upper back.

Officials have reported that the wound resulted from a skin graft that was done about two years ago to treat necrotizing fasciitis. The graft was intended to be cleaned on a daily basis.

According to the police report, it was evident that the injury had not been adequately cleaned or taken care of. The report mentioned that the cut seemed to be completely neglected and left untreated.

During the investigation, Hargrave informed the police that her daughter had been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, asthma and was unable to speak. Unfortunately, her wound became infected after being taken to the hospital.

The unfortunate demise of May May was determined to be a homicide by neglect by coroners on March 2, 2023.

According to Fox 59, the mother initially stated that May May’s skin graft wound was a result of a gallbladder rupture. However, an autopsy revealed that May May’s gallbladder had never been removed, although her appendix had been.

Upon searching Hargrave’s residence, officers came across additional reasons for worry.

Upon entering the premises, law enforcement officials discovered that the inside of the house was in an incredibly unsanitized and unhygienic state. The dwelling was infested with various rodents, cockroaches, and bugs. Furthermore, the presence of fecal matter and partially eaten and decaying food items was ubiquitous throughout the entire household, as highlighted by the police report.

According to reports, the household pests seemed to have adapted to coexisting with humans and exhibited a lack of fear towards any form of interaction with them.

Authorities stated that May’s bedroom was covered in rodent feces and the attached bathroom did not have running water.

Turner and Felicia Hargrave had admitted to neglecting a dependent in relation to May May’s death. Despite this, they were able to avoid imprisonment and were instead placed on probation for more than two years.

We reached out to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office for their comments on the plea agreements, as reported by The Independent.

May May, according to an online obituary, was described as a girl who adored everything pink, and was fondly known as a “girly girl.”

According to the page, May May was a true Grandpa’s and Grandma’s girl. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and her emotions were always evident.

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