Mother grieves as son is killed by gun violence in Frayser and unable to find peace

Joanne Foster never fathomed the possibility of her son’s murder. She expresses the heavy burden on her heart, stating that it is an ordeal she wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

According to Foster, the events began on Sunday, March 17th, just after she had left church. She received a frantic phone call from her oldest daughter, who was screaming that Dee had been killed.

Foster exclaimed, “I saw all those police and just screamed. It was real.” Without hesitation, Foster jumped into his car and drove to the scene. WREG’s cameras captured his arrival.

According to homicide detectives, an altercation took place between Jackson and another individual just before the shooting occurred. The identified shooter was revealed to be Davante Middleton, who is 30 years old.

According to Foster, Jackson and Middleton had been childhood friends. Foster emphasized the importance of having genuine friends, stating that those who claim to be friends but ultimately betray you can be the ones to take your life. “You don’t have any friends like you think you do,” Foster warned.

Authorities are currently searching for Davante Middleton and have issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of second-degree murder. While the arrest of Middleton won’t undo the tragedy that resulted in the loss of Foster’s son, it would provide some sense of closure and peace for her. Detectives are working diligently to bring Middleton to justice.

Foster expressed the importance of closure to her, stating that she cannot rest or eat properly without it. She even admitted to losing weight due to the ongoing situation.

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If you have any information about the whereabouts of Davante Middleton, please contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH. You could receive up to $4,000 in cash as a reward for information that leads to his arrest.

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