More People Expected to Move to Utah Following New Law in California

Californians Moving to Other States 

Many people have been relocating to Utah from California, a trend that began during the Covid pandemic and has since persisted. Residents of the golden state are opting to move out in order to escape the burden of high taxes and costly housing.

The new law in California that aims to increase electric bills based on income is not expected to slow down the flow of electricity. The legislation, which was passed last year, requires utility companies to change their billing method. Instead of charging households based on the amount of electricity they use, the new system will take into account the income of the residents.

If You Can Work Anywhere, Why Stay? 

It may seem like a tempting idea to make the rich pay more for electricity. After all, they have the financial resources to handle it, right? However, we must consider the potential consequences. The wealthy individuals also have the means to relocate to another state where electricity rates may be lower. Moreover, they have the flexibility to continue their work remotely from any location.

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The implementation of this new law may require increased government oversight to address billing concerns. Previously, individuals were charged based on their usage. However, with the income-based approach, someone could earn a significant income but still live in a small house or have solar panels, resulting in a substantial bill. This system eliminates any incentive to conserve energy and appears to be complex.

Can’t Blame Californians for Moving 

I can understand why many people choose to move from California to Utah. Having lived in California myself for a few years, I can say that it is a great place to live. However, I am personally happy with my current location and have no desire to move back.

With the continuation of such laws, it is foreseeable that there will be an increase in the number of individuals migrating in this direction.

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