Michigan using scrap metal pulverizer to destroy firearms

The Michigan State Police have implemented a new method for disposing of firearms, utilizing a scrap metal processing facility. Instead of traditional means, the firearms will now be transported to this facility by the MSP personnel. Once there, they will undergo complete destruction through the use of an industrial pulverizer. This innovative approach ensures that the firearms are effectively eliminated.

In January 2023, the MSP conducted a temporary pause on firearm disposal to explore alternative options. According to officials, the previous method of disposal only destroyed the frame or receiver of the firearm.

MSP Director Col. James Grady expressed his satisfaction with the new method, stating that it will enhance public safety by completely destroying all parts of a firearm. He emphasized that the method adheres to the ATF’s acceptable destruction procedures, as they have always done. This cost-effective alternative ensures that the firearm will never be used again.

Under the Michigan Penal Code MCL 750.239 and MCL 28.434, authorities have the ability to sell firearms that have been confiscated at public auction instead of destroying them.

According to Lori Dougovito, MSP Communications Specialist, the new procedure will result in some additional staff costs for the MSP. This is due to the transportation and record-keeping requirements. However, the MSP will not be charged for the use of the pulverizer. The pulverized metal will be melted down and recycled into flat roll steel coils.

In 2023, the MSP took responsibility for disposing of a total of 11,582 firearms, according to officials.

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