Michigan Republicans propose banning sanctuary cities following homicide

Michigan Republicans are pushing for a ban on sanctuary cities in the state following the alleged murder of a 25-year-old woman in Grand Rapids by a man who entered the country illegally.

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, representing Richland Township, has urged President Joe Biden’s administration to take immediate action in securing the southern border.

According to a statement by Hall, Joe Biden’s inability to secure the border has resulted in numerous illegal immigrants, including dangerous criminals, entering the country. This influx of illegal immigration has had deadly consequences in Michigan. Hall believes that a secure border would have prevented the murderer of Ruby Garcia from entering the state and the nation. However, Democrats have failed to fully enforce immigration laws and prioritize national security.

Ortiz-Vite had a history of multiple arrests in Kent County before being deported. He was found guilty of illegally entering a residence and had an active bench warrant in Grand Rapids related to a suspected drunk driving and driving without a valid license incident in 2020.

In a letter to Chair Tullio Liberati, D-Allen Park, Hall has urged the House Government Operations Committee to consider his proposal to outlaw sanctuary cities and counties. The proposed legislation aims to prevent counties and municipalities from implementing policies that hinder local employees from communicating or collaborating with federal immigration officials.

Nine months ago, Hall and House Republicans introduced the bills.

Hall stated that rogue politicians in certain Michigan communities are putting public safety at an even greater risk by refusing to cooperate with federal officers in apprehending undocumented immigrants. He emphasized the dangers posed by sanctuary cities and counties, as they provide a safe haven for proven criminals, like the perpetrator of Ruby’s murder, to evade deportation even if they are arrested for another crime. Hall stressed that these disastrous sanctuary policies hinder the efforts of federal immigration officials and worsen the public safety crisis. To safeguard the residents of Michigan, he called for the banishment of sanctuary cities.

Grand Rapids has been designated as an official welcoming city, which signifies its commitment to implementing policies that ensure a clear separation between local law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement agencies. Additionally, Kent County has taken the initiative to become a sanctuary county, further solidifying its dedication to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all residents.

Hall introduced House Bill 4880, which aims to prohibit sanctuary policies in counties. Additionally, he supported HB 4879, which seeks to achieve the same outcome for cities, villages, and townships.

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