Michael Cohen vows to remain silent online about Trump until after hush-money trial testimony


    • Michael Cohen said he would briefly stop talking about Donald Trump during Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial.
    • Cohen is a key witness to what prosecutors allege was a scheme to falsify business records to cover up hush money.
    • But until now, Cohen has continued to talk about Trump and the case.

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney of Donald Trump, has made a commitment to refrain from discussing the former president until after his testimony in the ongoing hush-money trial.

“I will stop posting anything about Donald on my X (formerly Twitter) account or on the Mea Culpa Podcast until after my trial testimony, out of respect for Judge Merchan and the prosecutors,” Cohen wrote on X.

Cohen’s reputation for being talkative about his experience as Trump’s fixer is well-known. He has written a book, hosts a podcast, and regularly appears as a guest on cable TV shows. All of these endeavors are aimed at helping him in his mission to seek redemption following his tenure with Trump.

As Trump’s personal attorney, Cohen played a central role in what New York prosecutors claim was an attempt to manipulate business records to conceal the payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 presidential election. Additionally, Cohen served as a key witness in Trump’s fraud trial.

Legal experts have expressed dismay at Cohen’s decision to discuss the case, as it could potentially provide Trump’s lawyers with more material for cross-examination during his anticipated testimony. Unlike Trump, Cohen is not bound by a gag order and has the freedom to speak openly about the matter.

The former president has been critical of Cohen, which prosecutors argue has violated Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order on Trump. On Tuesday, Merchan scolded Trump’s attorney for the former president’s remarks, but a ruling on the status of the gag order is still pending.

Cohen is expected to face a challenging time while testifying in court.

He received a prison sentence for committing perjury before Congress and other criminal offenses.

Trump has consistently criticized Cohen’s credibility, highlighting the fact that Cohen has been convicted of lying.

Former President Trump fails to mention, however, that Cohen was convicted of misleading Congress regarding a matter that was intended to benefit him.

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