Memory Loss Plagues Michael Strahan’s Daughter During Battle with Cancer

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, is currently confronting an additional challenge in her fight against cancer. Unfortunately, she is experiencing an unintended consequence as a result of her medical treatment.

Isabella recently took to YouTube to provide an update on her health journey. In her video, she openly discussed the challenges she has been facing while going through chemotherapy to treat her medulloblastoma, a rare tumor found at the base of her brain. The 19-year-old bravely shared that she has been experiencing some memory loss as a result of the medications she is required to take.


“I have to take this drug to protect my hearing,” she explained, “but unfortunately, I had a reaction to it. As a result, they gave me Ativan. Interestingly, this happened before, and I couldn’t recall anything about that particular day.”

Isabella shared a video showing her recent hospital visit, in which she was seen eating a sandwich she couldn’t recall ordering. She attributes her recent “loopy” behavior in her videos to the medication she has been taking.

Isabella, despite experiencing some memory loss, has reported feeling significantly better after her recent chemotherapy session. She has mentioned that the pain is minimal and that she was able to get a good amount of sleep, approximately 18 hours, following the treatment.

Isabella expressed her apprehension as her chemotherapy treatment approaches its end. She confessed feeling a bit scared about what lies ahead, pondering how she will readjust to normal life once it’s over. She reflected on the constant presence of medical treatments and wondered if there would always be another procedure or task to undertake.

Isabella made her diagnosis public in January 2024, announcing the news alongside her dad on “Good Morning America.”

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