Melissa Joan Hart Experiences Guilt Over Bringing Britney Spears to Her First Club at 17

Melissa Joan Hart deeply regrets her decision to expose a young Britney Spears to the nightclub scene in the 1990s. Looking back, she expresses remorse and wishes she hadn’t facilitated Britney’s first clubbing experience.

BS and MJH’s friendship started back in 1999 when the ‘Sabrina’ actress made an appearance in Spears’ “(You Drive Me) Crazy” music video. In addition to that, Britney also made a guest appearance on Melissa’s ABC show.

Melissa, who is six years older than Britney, reveals that she had always felt a sibling-like connection with her. This is why she acknowledges that she should have been more aware of the consequences of taking Britney to a nightclub when she was only 17 years old.

Melissa from Entertainment Tonight shared additional context, revealing that she extended a nightclub invitation to Britney. She noticed that Britney was always surrounded by a crowd of people and wanted to give her a chance to break free and enjoy herself.

She didn’t anticipate it to be a significant issue, stating, “I used to frequent clubs every evening. I have a passion for dancing and going out, but I also understood the importance of being responsible and knowing my limits.”

During a reflection on their initial outing, MJH reminisced about the experience, stating, “She was young and underage, but I was enthusiastic about going out and having a good time.”

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In the years that followed, however, Britney gained a reputation for frequenting the party scene, especially alongside her new friends Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in the early 2000s. Together, they formed a tight-knit group that would hit the town nearly every weekend.

Melissa admits that she may have inadvertently been responsible for unleashing Britney’s wild escapades. She expresses remorse, explaining that she still feels guilty about it even now, as she believes she should have known better as an older sister.

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