Mayor Bass Admits Delay In Clearing Hollywood Encampment

Mocobizscene- A few days ago, Adrian Sznaider kindly requested a homeless man to vacate the premises. He has been the proud owner of the restaurant for a remarkable 18 years. Sznaider is the proud owner of Solar de Cahuenga, conveniently located just one block away from a bustling neighborhood.

A homeless man near Cahuenga Boulevard and the 101 Freeway opted to hurl a beer at Sznaider, narrowly avoiding hitting him in the head, according to video footage. Sznaider described the encounter as terrifying and immediately contacted the police for assistance.

“It can be challenging since I have a 13-year-old son, and I understand that there are times when I need to push myself,” he explained.

When Sznaider reflects on the past, he admits to feeling a sense of optimism. As part of her Inside Safe program, she made the decision to clear the homeless encampment in the vicinity. While the majority of the residents were already housed, a few had started to spread out into the surrounding neighborhood.

The encampment has made a comeback after a year. Sznaider informed Eyewitness News that he made multiple attempts to contact the responsible parties around 10 to 15 times within the last two to three months, but unfortunately, he did not receive any response.

“We feel completely abandoned. It seems like putting a Band-Aid on a bigger problem. Whatever she’s doing so far, it doesn’t seem to be working,” Sznaider expressed her dissatisfaction with Bass’ approach to tackling homelessness.

Bass made a commitment to clear the encampment by the end of 2023, almost one month ago. The new encampment has continued to grow, despite the promise that none of the 33 cleared encampments would reappear.

Eyewitness News questioned bass regarding this matter on Wednesday.

“We may be a bit behind schedule, but rest assured, we are fully committed to taking action,” assured Bass. “Our immediate focus this month will be to thoroughly assess all the sites and ensure that no re-population has occurred. In cases where re-population has taken place, we will take the necessary measures to relocate those individuals.”

In just one year, Inside Safe, under Bass’ leadership, successfully relocated nearly 2,000 individuals from the streets to interim housing. However, out of these 2,000 individuals, only a few hundred have been able to transition into permanent housing.

According to Bass, it is unacceptable to have an implied policy that forces individuals to live in tents or on the streets until permanent buildings are constructed. She believes that while temporary housing may be necessary, it should be seen as a significant improvement over living in tents.

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