Maryland dispensary fined $26,000 for selling cannabis found in dumpster after two days

Mocobizscene- According to a consent order from the Maryland Cannabis Administration, a Maryland dispensary has been fined $26,000 for selling cannabis that had been left in a dumpster for two days.

The consent order reveals that a total of 224 grams of cannabis was discarded into a dumpster outside Curio’s Far & Dotter dispensary. Surprisingly, it remained untouched for a duration of 41 hours and nine minutes.

Three dispensary employees were captured on surveillance footage retrieving four boxes of pre-packaged product from the dumpster. The footage also revealed another employee repackaging the cannabis, taking them out of the original boxes, and placing them into plastic bags. The repackaged products were then stored securely inside a vault.

According to the order, the employee told an investigator from the MCA that they had to put the cannabis in plastic bags because the original packages were coated in a liquid substance found in the dumpster.

According to an email from an inventory manager, he recommended destroying the product due to its violation of various compliance requirements. However, management decided to prioritize profit over compliance. Consequently, the location proceeded to sell the product from July 28 to August 3, 2023, resulting in total sales of $3,174.50.

The order states that the manager’s employment at Far & Dotter was “terminated” on or about Aug. 20, 2023. In a statement sent via email, Curio emphasized its commitment to maintaining strong connections with both its customers and employees, according to The Baltimore Banner.

According to the statement, the product in question was securely stored in sealed jars, which were then placed inside sealed boxes. It is important to note that there is no doubt that the jars remained intact and that no external substance ever came into contact with the product.

Curio stated that they have carried out an internal investigation and emphasized that they do not take nonadherence to safety and compliance requirements lightly, nor do they tolerate it.

The company received a $26,000 fine, along with several other requirements. These include submitting its green waste logs for monthly reviews by the MCA, submitting its scale calibration and cleaning logs for monthly review, and providing retraining for staff on green waste procedures.

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