Maryland car accident leaves Senator John Fetterman and spouse hospitalized

Senator John Fetterman and his wife Giselle were hospitalized following a car accident in Maryland.

According to Maryland State Police, Fetterman, who is a Democrat, was driving a Chevrolet Traverse that collided with the back of a Chevrolet Impala on Sunday along I-70.

As per his office, Fetterman sustained a bruised shoulder during the incident and he, along with his wife, were released on Sunday afternoon.

There is no information available regarding the injuries sustained by Giselle Barreto Fetterman.

According to reports, an ambulance transported both the driver of the Impala and a passenger in Fetterman’s vehicle to West Virginia’s War Memorial Hospital for medical assessment.

According to a spokesperson from Fetterman’s office, John and Gisele were in a car accident with another driver on Sunday morning. As a precautionary measure, they were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. John had a bruised shoulder, which was treated, and they were released later that same day. The spokesperson confirmed they are both doing well and are glad to be back in Braddock. The Independent reported on the incident.

The accident occurred at 8am while both cars were heading west on I-70.

Police have stated that an ongoing investigation is being conducted into the crash and as of now, no citations have been issued.

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