Marshall and Moran oppose dropping impeachment charges against Mayorkas without trial

U.S. Senators Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran, both Republicans from Kansas, opposed the motion to dismiss the impeachment charges brought against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by the U.S. House. The two senators voted against dropping the charges during the Senate trial.

The two Republican senators from Kansas, in a vote on Wednesday, opposed the dismissal of the impeachment charges brought against the secretary of the federal Department of Homeland Security by the U.S. House. The charges accuse the secretary of failing to comply with immigration law.

U.S. Senators Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran voiced their opposition to Senate Democrats’ decision to dismiss the case without considering the evidence presented by the House regarding the articles of impeachment against Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. It is worth noting that Secretary Mayorkas holds the distinction of being the first sitting cabinet member in the history of the United States to face impeachment proceedings.

In the Senate vote, both Kansas senators found themselves in the minority as they opposed the declaration that the first charge, which accused of a “systemic refusal to comply with the law,” did not meet the constitutional definition of a high crime or misdemeanor. Similarly, a vote of 51-49 brought an end to the second charge against Mayorkas, which alleged a breach of public trust during his tenure as DHS secretary, also on constitutional grounds.

Marshall criticized Mayorkas for violating his oath of office by allowing undocumented immigrants from Mexico to enter the United States. The senator emphasized the need for accountability for federal officials who put the safety of Americans at risk.

Marshall emphasized the dire nature of the situation at our borders, attributing the responsibility for the crisis to those who fail to address it. Secretary Mayorkas, in Marshall’s view, has not fulfilled his obligation to the American people. Marshall argues that Mayorkas’ actions have unraveled our national security, resulting in chaos at the border, and leading to a culture of lawlessness that leaves Lady Liberty vulnerable to exploitation.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat and the Senate’s majority leader, proposed motions to dismiss each charge. This resulted in votes approving the tabling of articles of impeachment before a Senate trial. He argued against validating the “gross abuse” of the impeachment process by the House, as it could set a dangerous precedent.

According to Moran, Mayorkas implemented policies that encouraged over 9 million individuals from 160 different countries to enter the United States illegally.

According to him, the GOP-led House members actively participated in an oversight process that ultimately led to the impeachment vote. He believes that the Senate should honor and acknowledge these decisions by carefully considering the findings.

According to Moran, the Senate has a distinct role in examining the accusations against the secretary and deciding whether he should be removed from his cabinet position. However, he criticizes the Senate Democrats for deviating from their constitutional responsibility by quickly and without discussion or clarification, declaring the impeachment articles unconstitutional.

According to Moran, an attorney, and Marshall, a physician, the actions taken by Democrats in the Senate prevented the chamber from carrying out one of its essential responsibilities mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

According to Marshall, the absence of an impeachment trial poses a genuine threat to our republic. He argues that it is unconstitutional to forego such a trial, highlighting that even someone as humble as a country doctor can comprehend the Constitution’s clear mandate for an impeachment trial following the delivery of impeachment articles.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump, like Marshall, believe that voters in pivotal swing states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, should hold senators responsible for their opposition to an impeachment trial. With Trump being the presumptive GOP nominee for president, he would potentially go head-to-head against Democratic President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

Marshall expressed his belief that Secretary Mayorkas is actively carrying out President Biden’s directives, and he emphasized the importance of holding both individuals accountable for their actions.

In 2019, Trump faced impeachment for allegations of abusing his power and obstructing Congress. Then, in 2021, he was impeached once again, this time for inciting an insurrection.

Marshall and Moran oppose the dismissal of impeachment charges against Mayorkas without a trial.

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