Marking and conservation efforts planned for Warrior’s Path in eastern Kentucky

Kentucky’s trail enthusiasts now have a fresh route to explore. The Warrior’s Path stretches from Tennessee to Eastern Kentucky and boasts a diverse range of attractions to suit all tastes.

According to Max Hammond, the Executive Director of The Warrior’s Path of Kentucky, mapping the trail has been an ongoing project. As the sites are ancient, accessing maps from the Library of Congress was necessary to accurately mark the path and its branches.

According to Hammond, setting up trail markers is often the next crucial step in the process.

Hammond stated that they aim to have markers installed within the next year. However, he acknowledged that this project is an ongoing one that will take a lifetime to complete. They are currently focusing on the national scenic byway and bike route, which is the easy part. Eventually, they plan to expand the trail to include sections where people can hike or even horseback ride.

According to Hammond, the trail holds immense historical value to the region, as it was utilized by the locals even thousands of years ago. It’s this rich history that fuels his passion for the project.

Hammond stated that the purpose of educating everyone about the history of Kentucky is to finally tell the complete story of this land. He believes that this will help bring economic opportunities to the isolated mountain towns in eastern Kentucky.

According to Hammond, the trail offered Native Americans a means to obtain seashells and copper, which were crucial for trade.

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