Mariska Hargitay from SVU Rescues Lost Child in Real-Life Heroic Act

During the filming of one of the last episodes of the iconic 25th season of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” on April 10, a little girl mistook Mariska Hargitay for a real police officer. This happened because of her character’s badge, and the girl approached her seeking assistance after getting separated from her mother at Anne Loftus Playground.

During filming, a witness recounted to PEOPLE that a child approached Hargitay and urgently sought her assistance. This prompted the actress to pause filming for about 20 minutes in order to aid the child and successfully reunite her with her mother. This heartfelt incident further deepened Hargitay’s bond with her character, Olivia Benson, who has become an iconic figure throughout the show’s duration. In a prior interview with the same outlet, Hargitay revealed that she often draws upon Benson’s qualities in real-life emergencies, embodying traits such as strength and leadership.

“There’s this thing called WWOBD, which stands for ‘What would Olivia Benson do?’ The fans would always discuss it, and one day, it struck me. I also have those moments where I find myself channeling her. When there’s a crisis, I naturally step up and take charge, just like her – strong and fearless. It’s almost like a perfect feminist tale,” she elaborated.

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The internet exploded with praise for Hargitay when a video of her assisting the child went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter). Fans were in awe of her quick response and hailed her as a real-life cop. As one fan passionately put it, “She’s been serving the NYPD for over two decades…let’s give credit where it’s due!”

“Law & Order: SVU” is making television history by breaking records. The series has been renewed for a 26th season, even before the 25th season could be concluded. This makes it one of the longest-running primetime live-action series ever. The show’s immense success not only resonates with its audience but also has a profound cultural impact on its cast members.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) first premiered in 1999 and drew inspiration from a high-profile criminal case that took place in New York City. The show was influenced by the infamous “preppie murder” of Jennifer Levin and delved into the intricate realm of detectives investigating sexual offenses in the city. With Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay leading the cast, SVU quickly became a cultural sensation due to its gripping storylines based on real events and its emphasis on the stories of survivors.

The SVU Star Mariska Hargitay Turns Real-Life Hero, Reunites Lost Child.

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