Man struck by vehicle while changing flat tire in Atlanta, father and business owner injured

A flat tire left a father and well-known Atlanta business owner seriously injured in a devastating crash.

Scotty ATL, also known as Scotty Williams, is the proud owner of Grillz By Scotty. According to his account, he was accompanied by his girlfriend when he decided to pull over on I-75 to address a flat tire.

The accident occurred on May 5 at approximately 11:15 p.m., according to the police.

Williams had parked his Mercedes Benz E350 in the traffic safety zone between I-75 north and the exit ramp to Windy Hill Road, according to the police. A Ford tow truck, with its flashing lights on, was parked behind the Mercedes. Inside the tow truck was the driver, 33-year-old Martin Ndung’u.

Williams and Micah Baskin, both 35 years old, found themselves outside of the Mercedes.

Rodney Griffin, 49, was driving a 2015 GMC Yukon north on I-75 when he entered the traffic safety zone and collided with a parked tow truck and a Mercedes.

The GMC forcefully propelled the tow truck into the Mercedes, causing it to collide with Williams and Baskin, resulting in their forceful ejection onto the highway’s median.

Williams suffered severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital. Baskin and Griffin, who were also injured, were transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

Williams remains in the hospital while Baskin has been released.

Williams expressed gratitude for not being in the process of changing the tire, as he believed it would have resulted in a tragic outcome.

During a conversation with Newell, Williams mentioned that he had recently marked the significant milestone of his company’s five-year anniversary. Additionally, he had also celebrated the grand opening of his new location a few weeks prior to the unfortunate crash.

“He mentioned that his leg is fractured in eight different places, but he expressed gratitude for being alive.”

Williams revealed that he has undergone two surgeries and has also received multiple blood transfusions.

According to Williams, the tow truck driver came to his aid and kindly offered to tow the car after their unsuccessful attempt to fix the flat tire.

According to the witness, he found himself caught between his car and the tow truck when Griffin unexpectedly collided with the rear of his vehicle.

A Grady Memorial Hospital employee witnessed the entire crash and stopped to offer assistance, according to him.

“I am grateful that I believe it was God who sent me those individuals and ensured my safety and took me to the hospital,” expressed Williams.

The driver’s potential charges remain uncertain, as the police continue their ongoing investigation.

Williams reassured that his business is thriving even during his hospital stay.

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