Man from Mountain View apprehended for purportedly attempting to stab another person

According to the Mountain View Police Department, a man from Mountain View was apprehended on Thursday evening on suspicion of attempting to stab an acquaintance in the stomach. The altercation arose from a dispute regarding a stolen necklace.

According to the Mountain View police department, at approximately 5:20 p.m. on July 4th, dispatchers were alerted to an incident where a man had wielded a knife at someone at the intersection of Latham Street and Rengstorff Avenue.

According to the police, a 26-year-old resident of Mountain View is suspected of attacking another person with a curved fixed blade knife. The victim was almost stabbed in the stomach, but luckily managed to avoid it. The suspect then threw the weapon in the bushes, which was later found by the police. A witness also reported seeing the suspect wielding the knife before the attack took place.

According to the police, the suspect and victim had prior acquaintance before the assault took place. The reason behind the attack was the victim’s accusation of the suspect stealing a necklace a few weeks ago.

County records state that the suspect has been taken into custody on suspicion of committing an assault with a deadly weapon and has been booked into Santa Clara County Main Jail. The bail amount set for his release is $25,000.

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