Man from Detroit apprehended for tossing cocaine onto the roofs of Red Lobster and Texas Roadhouse while fleeing from the authorities.

Last week, law enforcement officials arrested a man from Detroit who threw bags of cocaine onto the roofs of two restaurants in St. Clair County. According to reports, the suspect attempted to flee from the authorities and tossed the bags onto the Red Lobster and Texas Road House establishments.

On July 3, authorities from the county’s Drug Task Force team apprehended Eric Talton, who is 29 years old.

Attempting to apprehend Talton, the team pursued him to the Qdoba located in Fort Gratiot Township. However, Talton managed to evade them and flee the scene.

As the police pursued Talton on foot, he reportedly discarded 18.5 grams of cocaine onto the roof of the Red Lobster restaurant and 1.8 grams onto the roof of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

The law enforcement officials successfully retrieved both packages containing cocaine.

Upon being apprehended outside of Texas Roadhouse, Talton was found to be in possession of $1,020 in cash during a thorough search.

The authorities charged him with four offenses, namely possession with intent to deliver cocaine, tampering with evidence, resisting and obstructing, and maintaining a drug house.

After being charged, Talton was presented before the court and granted a bond of $50,000.

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