Man accused of attacking Steve Buscemi arrested at homeless shelter in New York City

Steve Buscemi’s alleged attacker has been apprehended in New York City. According to law enforcement officials, the arrest was made after responding to a call at a homeless shelter. TMZ has verified this information.

According to sources in law enforcement, Clifton Williams, the individual believed to be responsible for assaulting the actor in broad daylight, was apprehended on Friday. The arrest took place after police received a harassment call at a homeless shelter in Manhattan.

According to reports, Clifton was in the process of filing a lost property police report and presented his ID to the officers. However, as soon as the officers recognized his name, they promptly arrested him. The initial report was first published by the NY Post.

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As we previously mentioned, Steve Buscemi was strolling down the street in the Kips Bay neighborhood on Manhattan’s east side when he encountered a man who suddenly attacked him. Surveillance footage captured Buscemi casually walking around moments before the incident, but it doesn’t show the actual violent encounter.

Buscemi’s fans were relieved when photos of bruising around his eye started circulating. However, Buscemi quickly reassured everyone with a statement on Sunday, letting them know that he is doing well and on the road to recovery.

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