Man, 35, miraculously survives vicious grizzly bear attack in national park

A 35-year-old man in Wyoming suffered severe injuries in a terrifying grizzly bear attack when he unexpectedly came across two of these powerful creatures, according to officials.

On Sunday afternoon, a 35-year-old male visitor from Massachusetts was “seriously injured” by a bear in the area of the Signal Mountain Summit Road, as reported to the Teton Interagency Dispatch. The National Park Service released a press statement on Monday providing details of the attack.

According to officials, the scene was attended by rangers from Grand Teton National Park and personnel from Teton County Search and Rescue. They provided emergency medical care to the patient and airlifted him via helicopter to an awaiting ambulance. Subsequently, the patient was transported to St. John’s Hospital.

According to the injured visitor’s account and the ongoing investigation at the site, law enforcement rangers and park biologists speculate that the incident was an unexpected meeting with two grizzly bears, resulting in one of the bears making contact with and injuring the visitor.

Park officials have not revealed the details of the incident or how the man managed to defend himself. However, they have confirmed that the injured victim’s condition is stable and it is anticipated that he will make a full recovery.

Due to the weekend attack, the Signal Mountain Summit Road and Signal Mountain Trail have been temporarily closed to the public.

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