Maintenance worker in apartment complex accused of causing the death of a 15-year-old resident

On November 1, Janiya Carr, a 15-year-old residing at the Carriage House East apartments, was fatally shot by a maintenance man, aged 34, who had active warrants in Alabama and Georgia. Reports from FOX59 confirmed the suspect worked at the same complex, where the victim was found.

Tevis Walker was arrested on preliminary murder charges after the killing of Carr. According to police, surveillance footage revealed that Carr got into Walker’s car at around 4:15 a.m. on October 28 prior to her death.

According to reports from WTHR, authorities have stated that Walker drove his car into the area where the victim’s body was discovered over an hour later. Following the tragic incident, Demetria Boston, the mother of Carr, along with other apartment residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the management for hiring Walker despite his questionable past. Boston believes the company let them down.

Boston expressed his outrage, questioning how the man with an outstanding warrant from Alabama was allowed to work there. “It’s unacceptable. I feel like I’m being tortured,” he exclaimed.

Tyandra Nelson, a resident, expressed her opinion on the qualifications required for the tenants and the employees. She believes that the employees should have the same qualifications as the tenants. She questions the logic behind not allowing individuals with felonies and warrants to reside in the community, but allowing people to work on their homes without the same qualifications. According to Tyandra, it doesn’t make sense.

The motive behind the killing has not been disclosed by the police. In an interview with FOX59, Boston expressed her mix of emotions, stating, “I feel empty. I feel confused. I have so many emotions.” She also revealed the haunting thoughts of the torture her baby had to go through, saying, “But the torture of what he did to my baby is stuck in my head. I can’t sleep.”

According to a statement from Gene B. Glick Company, the owner of the residential building, Walker was employed in June 2023 after successfully passing state and national background checks conducted by a professional screening company.

According to the statement released by Glick, all applicants looking to join the company must go through a rigorous background check. However, in this particular case, the checks failed to uncover certain pending charges in both Alabama and Georgia. The company has launched an inquiry into their background check provider to better understand how this oversight occurred.

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