Luxury car stolen from valet outside popular Miami restaurant

Mocobizscene- Over the weekend, a woman entrusted her recently purchased Rolls Royce to the valet service of a popular Miami restaurant, only to be devastated when she discovered that her luxury car had been stolen.

Yillian Iglesias found out her car was stolen right after she finished dining at Komodo in Brickell on Saturday night.

According to Iglesias, the incident involved two individuals who approached the valet parking area. One of the valets was giving instructions to one of the individuals, while the other individual went to the keys podium, took the keys, entered the car, and swiftly drove away.

Iglesias was quick to react when she discovered that her friend’s luxury car had gone missing. In a bid to find answers, her friend took to social media and went live, confronting the valet parkers who seemed clueless about the whereabouts of the vehicle.

According to Iglesias, her car is equipped with multiple tracking devices.

According to her, the car has been tampered with in a way that renders all tracking systems ineffective. As a result, the only source of information they have is through phone calls and messages from concerned individuals.

The valet area is currently under investigation by the police, as they are examining the surveillance camera footage.

Iglesias is concerned that her Rolls Royce, valued at half a million dollars, may be on its way out of the country.

According to the detective, these types of events are organized for individuals who order cars from overseas and attempt to alter them before shipping them elsewhere. As a result, the chances of locating such vehicles are extremely slim,” the woman explained.

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