Louisiana Woman Comes Forward to Speak About Her Brother, a Suspected Murderer

In an interview with a New Orleans media outlet, the sister of Daniel Callihan, the man accused of murdering Callie Brunett and her daughter, expressed her concern that such a tragic event might occur.

During an interview with WWL Louisiana, Dixie Hemphill expressed her desire for her brother to be punished for his actions and stated that “he has always been deceitful.” She hopes that he will face the consequences of his behavior and serve his time in prison.

Callihan had previously confided in his family members, expressing that utilizing such an excuse would absolve him of any wrongdoing. This admission was worrisome for his sister.

Dixie Hemphill had informed the authorities about her brother and shared his past troubles with them, but according to her, nothing significant was done.

Callihan’s behavior had caused him to be admitted into various mental facilities, and his sister revealed that he had been kicked out of a facility close to New Orleans.

According to Hemphill, she watched the interview with her brother while he was in custody and noticed he lacked any indication of remorse for his alleged actions, which greatly upsets her. Additionally, Hemphill reveals that her brother had an on-and-off relationship with Callie Brunett and suspects he was residing in a tent on Brunett’s property.

Callihan’s sister suspects that Brunett’s decision to evict her brother from the property may have been the trigger for the recent crimes. Although the authorities have not yet announced an official motive, this theory sheds some light on the possible cause of the perpetrator’s anger.

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Hemphill was asked about her thoughts on the punishment that her brother should receive, to which she responded to WWL by saying, “I don’t believe he should be put to death. You may wonder why I think that way. It’s not because I don’t believe he deserves it. I believe that he should spend the rest of his life in prison, and that he should receive the exact punishment that he has been seeking.”

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