Louisiana joins the list of states allowing concealed carry without a permit

Louisiana gun owners will now have the freedom to conceal carry without a permit, starting on Independence Day. This new law provides additional liberties to gun owners in the state.

Republican State Senator Blake Miguez authored a new law that allows all state residents who are at least 18 years old and do not have any prior felony convictions to own a gun. The law ensures that residents have the freedom to exercise their Second Amendment rights and protect themselves and their families. Senator Miguez emphasized that criminals in the state should be wary of the consequences of their actions.

On Facebook, Miguez stated that Louisiana has now joined the group of states that acknowledge the essential right to bear arms without a mandatory government-issued license. He expressed his pride in this achievement and urged everyone to remember the duties that come with exercising their Second Amendment rights. While celebrating and enjoying the festivities, Miguez emphasized the importance of handling our freedoms responsibly, with care and respect, to ensure the safety of all communities.

Gun owners need to be aware of certain restrictions imposed by the new law. One of them is that concealed carry is not allowed in private residences without the permission of the owners. Moreover, the ban on concealed carry in places where firearms are prohibited still stands.

In March, Gov. Jeff Landry (R-LA) signed a law that aims to make Louisiana a safer place. The law was accompanied by another bill that expanded the approved methods for death row executions to include electrocution and nitrogen gas. According to Landry, these bills were signed with the intention of improving public safety.

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