Local park in Delco township forbids swimming and bathing due to complaints of skinny dipping.

The authorities in Delaware County are taking action to address the persistent issue at Rolling Green Park in Springfield Township. Despite the recent passing of an ordinance prohibiting the act, individuals are still engaging in skinny-dipping in Darby Creek.

Anes Mahamat and other visitors have noticed that Rolling Green Park, known for its scenic Darby Creek and as a hotspot for dog walking, has become less enjoyable in recent times.

According to Aldan’s Mahamat, this place has witnessed individuals throwing extravagant parties with music, dancing, and even throwing objects into the water. Moreover, people tend to indulge in eating, leaving behind food that goes to waste, and failing to clean up their mess.

As the scorching heat of summer beats down, many seek refuge in the cool embrace of water. However, visitors to Rolling Green Park may find their plans dashed as signs prohibiting swimming or bathing in Darby Creek are posted throughout the area.

Some individuals are not adhering to the rules.

Anes Mahamat expressed his concern about the unsanitary condition of the area caused by people who leave trash around after going into the water. He stated that many people visit the place regularly, and their behavior is problematic.

A picture of the litter found near the creek was shared by a concerned resident.

Over the past month, Springfield Township police have been inundated with over 20 complaints about individuals swimming or bathing in Darby Creek. To make matters worse, there have also been reports of fecal matter present in the creek.

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According to James Robinson from Springfield, he has noticed animal and dog feces in the vicinity.

Mahamat expressed that seeing poop floating in the water while swimming is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Last month, the township responded by implementing a new ordinance that prohibits activities such as swimming, bathing, and standing in the water.

If someone violates the regulations, they may have to pay a fine of up to $300 and could be sentenced to 90 days in jail.

According to Springfield Township solicitor James Byrne, the safety issue is being treated with utmost priority. He stated, “The township is taking it very seriously, and as I said, the big problem we have is the concern of anyone getting hurt.”

According to Byrne, the police will be responsible for enforcing the rules. Although they have only issued warnings at this point, they have yet to hand out any citations. Byrne noted that receiving a citation would constitute a summary offense.

According to certain locals, the issue of individuals swimming in the creek has been exaggerated.

According to Clifton Heights resident, Greg Duncan, he used to reside in Roxborough, Manayunk where people frequently engage in unhygienic activities such as defecating in the Wissahickon. He emphasized that such activities pose a risk to one’s health and safety.

At present, no citations have been issued as authorities continue to monitor the situation in the area. Police will be conducting more patrols to ensure the safety and security of the area.

Mahamat acknowledged the problem and expressed hope for improvement in the future, stating, “We have to deal with that, but hopefully, it could get better over time.”

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The creek is absolutely stunning and is meant to be admired from afar rather than ventured into.

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