LBC Announces Departure of Host Sangita Myska Following Station’s Statement on Her Absence

Host Sangita Myska will be departing from LBC at the end of her two-year contract, according to an announcement made by the station. This news comes in response to concerns raised by viewers regarding her absence.

The announcement came alongside a press release introducing Vanessa Feltz as the newest host on TalkTV. Feltz will be hosting a show on Saturday afternoons, taking over the time slot that was previously held by Myska.

Senior managing editor Tom Cheal expressed his gratitude to Sangita for her exceptional contribution to LBC. He also extended his best wishes for her future success.

Speculation among viewers reached its peak when Myska was noticeably missing from her usual time slot after her fiery interview with Israeli government spokesman Avi Hyman on April 15th.

During their discussion, Myska conveyed to Hyman Iran’s explanation for their drone attack on Israel. According to Myska, Iran claimed that their actions were in response to an Israeli airstrike on a consulate in Syria. However, Myska expressed his disagreement with this justification, referring to it as a distorted representation of the truth. The Israeli official, visibly disapproving, clarified that the target of their airstrike was actually an Iranian military site, countering the reports that it was a consular building.

After the interview, Myska hasn’t been on air, and there are no upcoming slots scheduled for her, which has sparked rumors and concern among her audience. Her latest public comment was a sincere “Miss you all too x” on X, in response to a listener’s message.

Industry colleagues, including Channel 4’s international editor, Lindsay Hilsum, have also voiced their concerns, questioning the reason behind this.

The viewers were so impressed by Myska’s journalistic prowess that they took matters into their own hands and launched an online petition demanding her return. This petition has gained an impressive 25,000 signatures, with supporters praising Myska as a dedicated and meticulous journalist who played a vital role in delivering crucial perspectives at LBC.

Feltz is getting ready to debut her show on Saturday, May 4th, while Myska’s first show took place on June 11th, 2022. It seems that the journalist has been placed on gardening leave, which could possibly explain her enigmatic Instagram post from April 21.

Despite multiple attempts to inquire about Myska’s absence, Mediaite UK did not receive a response from LBC.

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