Lawsuit filed with Michigan Supreme Court challenging concealed gun law

A woman who is facing charges of illegally concealing a gun in her vehicle is now bringing her constitutional challenge to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Kimberly Erin Langston submitted her application to the Michigan Supreme Court on Monday, contending that the state’s concealed gun law violates the Second and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Similar to other court challenges in Michigan and across the country, she argues that Michigan’s concealed gun law conflicts with the historical norms of gun regulation during the time when the Second and 14th amendments were ratified.

Langston’s attorney, Roland Lindh, expressed his concern about the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, even for those who may not be specifically focused on gun rights. This statement was made after the Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed their claim.

Michigan’s concealed gun law mandates that authorities issue a license for carrying a concealed pistol, unless there is a valid reason, such as a felony conviction, to deny it. This sets it apart from other states that grant authorities more flexibility by requiring applicants to provide a specific justification for obtaining a concealed weapon permit.

According to Timothy Baughman, who filed a brief on behalf of the Michigan Prosecutors Association, Michigan’s law is not burdensome and it does comply with constitutional limits.

According to Michigan Public Radio, the licensing authority is required to issue a license upon request, with the exception of cases involving prior convictions. The court ruled that carrying a weapon in the passenger compartment of a vehicle without a license can be considered a crime, as stated by an individual interviewed.

The case began in Van Buren County, and the state Supreme Court will now provide the prosecutor with the chance to file a reply. However, it is important to note that the Supreme Court is not required to accept the case.

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